Are Your Addictions Keeping You Heavy or Miserable? - 24Seven Wellness & Living

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Do you often hear people saying they are addicted to something? Maybe it’s TV, sugar, the couch, or just eating too much in general.

Every one of us struggles with feeling addicted to something. Maybe it’s work, maybe it’s food, relationships, drama, carbs, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, no exercise, too much exercise. Most of us have something that has its hooks in us.

Maybe it’s not really an addiction. That is after all a strong word. Addiction is dangerous and deadly. You are not going to die from watching too many reruns of your favorite show. Let’s call it a bit of a compulsion. Maybe it really is something that you are hurting yourself with.

When we get out of balance, too much towards any one thing we start to suffer.

Sometimes if we have great control in one area of our life, we feel like we deserve to coast in other areas.

You know like when you get home from a long day and you reward yourself with chips or something else that wasn’t in your plan.

What if you love work so much, you could do it 24 hours a day? You will probably end up a success in that department. But, if you ask your family, they may say it’s a curse.

What if you love food, going out to eat, being with friends and you don’t want to quit that, but you don’t like what it is doing to your body?

What if you learned how to channel your energy into something that does serve you? Don’t quit doing what you love. You need to feed your desires, instead of starving them. Learn how to get to the balance point.

Sometimes we try to muster up change and then end up with a feeling of frustration and deprivation. This doesn’t serve you. You want to end up feeling full and in balance.

When it comes to food, you should feel joy. Once you feel lack or deprivation it no longer works. The most important part of eating is being mindful. Making conscious choices for nutrition and not just grabbing anything.

We want to add in healthy foods and life skills rather than focus on what we can’t have. Your tastes naturally start to change and you don’t desire the junk food as much.

If you have a condition where certain foods are making it worse, that is an exception. You must take out the offenders and then you will naturally not desire them because you feel so much better.

Being mindful of where your food comes from is also very important. How has the food been grown or raised. Is it organic, humanely-raised, a whole food and fresh? The energy of the food and in the food affects the amount of energy you have.

How you eat is equally important. Slow down, chew, maybe even add in saying Grace or at least just being thankful.