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The best vegan source of calcium is sesame seeds and almonds. Some other great sources include broccoli, cabbage, collards, dandelion greens, dulse (a seaweed), kale and prunes. Your body will absorb them much easier if they are uncooked.

Seaweed Crunch Recipe


1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

½ cup maple syrup

1 cup of cracked almonds

1 cup sesame seeds

4 sheets of nori (torn into small pieces)


Heat oil and syrup—toss in almonds and sesame seeds—add nori and mix well over low heat.

Line cookie sheet with parchment paper

Spread mixture on lined cookie sheet into a thin layer. Bake at 350 deg F for 15 minutes or until looks golden brown on edges. When cool, break into pieces. Enjoy.

Unprocessed organic oils such as extra virgin olive oil are a good source of highly bio-available omegas. Raw nuts and seeds like sesame seeds and almonds are also packed with omega 3s. This can help benefit heart health, normalize your cholesterol and can also maximize your child’s learning potential. This recipe is great to get your kids to eat healthy and tasty!