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It’s no secret that many of us women wouldn’t dream of walking out the door without makeup.  Even the busiest woman will at least manage a little bit of blush and lipgloss. But what if the very things you were putting on your face to make you appear healthier, more vibrant, more attractive were actually causing you harm?

Unfortunately, new research shows that health-related complaints about cosmetic products like shampoo and makeup are at an all-time high since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began keeping track more than a decade ago. More concerning is that currently, cosmetic manufacturers have no legal obligation to report health problems from their products to the FDA. Crazy as it would seem cosmetics do not need to go through a pre-market approval process before they are sold in stores and regulators do not assess the safety and effectiveness of the claims on the products.

The global cosmetics industry is expected to reach $265 billion in revenue in 2017, yet, the FDA’s Office of Cosmetics and Colors has a budget of about $13 million for 2017. “For products that are used routinely, small effects over time within large populations can be almost impossible to detect without active surveillance,” they write.

Unfortunately all makeup comprises of artificial substances and a large number of chemicals which can harm the skin. Skin irritation, allergies and even skin cancer are some of the possible outcomes of excessive makeup consumption. These chemicals can seep into your bloodstream via the skin. Obviously from there they can enter the bloodstream and over time, damage your internal organs.

The harmful effects of makeup aren’t just limited to skin-related issues, there is a variety of health problems that can occur as a result of excessive usage. Lipsticks and eye-shadows, for example, are known to contain lead, a carcinogen and neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system adversely, leading to high blood-pressure, allergies, behavioral abnormalities and even decreased rates of fertility.

Men don’t think you are safe either, as it is not just make-up that can be harmful, the soap, shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream you use in the shower can contain just as many unsavory ingredients.

So what are we all to do? Going out the house without a shower, hair wash, unshaven or worse still no make-up(!) just isn’t an option. Looking for products that our totally natural and paraben free would be advisable but regardless of how much or what kind of makeup you use, it is imperative that you indulge in a proper cleaning regime to remove all traces of chemicals from your skin. There are plenty of natural face washes, cleansers, toners and scrubs available in the market to choose from. Visiting a salon and treating yourself to a monthly facial or cleaning routine can also help keep your skin healthy, radiant and looking its very best.