How To Build Muscle Mass Legally - 24Seven Wellness & Living

You started out going to the gym just to get healthier and fitter. It wasn’t long before your body shape began to change and you were particularly proud of the muscle definition you were starting to develop. So you start upping the weights. How frustrating is it to you that the progression isn’t the same even though you are putting in the time and effort, lifting heavier weights, perfecting your form but the muscle mass still isn’t building in the way you would like.

This is often the time when you will be tempted to resort to dangerous or illegal methods, like steroids. But, hey, you’re not that stupid and understand the harmful effects of these quick fixes. But you want to increase your muscle mass and you want to do it legally. Maybe these 5 simple tricks might help:-

Progressive Resistance Training – This will probably be the opposite of what you are already doing but the PRT method might be a good way to get your body to respond. Instead of focusing on those higher weights, you’ll do more reps at a lower weight. You will no doubt find it easy to begin with but keep the repetitions up and you will soon start to feel the burn.The focus of PRT training is to build you up to those higher weights in a safe way that won’t strain your body.

Give Your Diet a Make-Over – Take a long hard look at what your are eating and when. It often helps to write a daily catalogue and analyze it at the end of the week. Often we are not truly aware of what we eat in a day and seeing it in black and white helps us highlight any fundamental issues that may be interfering with our ultimate goal of building muscle mass. Ensure that you have incorporated these 3 cornerstones into your diet:-

•Protein: The base nutrient for muscle building. There are tons of great protein shakes and powders out there to take away the sting of eating healthy.

•Carbs: You’ll need these for energy during your workout. Carbs are what will keep you going during those early PRT workouts.

•Fats: Healthy fats like olive oil and omega 3 are fantastic for your body in small doses.

It’s recommended that you snack before and after workouts for the best results.

Supplements – are a quick and efficient way to provide your body with some of the essentials that you may not be getting. Do your research though, find out what supplements your body can benefit from and start reading reviews or better still, take the advice of a professional. There are tons of faux miracle cures out there, so skepticism is your best friend in this case.

Reduce Your Cardio – You should always include cardio in your workout, obviously because of the huge health benefits to the heart and lungs and for fat burning.  Whilst cardio should still be part of your workout, it shouldn’t be your focus. At least, not if your goal is to build mass.

Increase Your Testosterone – Testosterone is the largest hormonal factor when it comes to muscle gains. Luckily, this can be achieved fairly easily with just a few changes to your diet. Cut out the sugar and add more healthy proteins and copper. You can purchase copper supplements but copper rich foods include:-

  • Beef Liver
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Lentils
  • Almonds
  • Dried Apricots
  • Asparagus
  • Mushrooms

Stay focused and Good Luck!