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Ultimately our bodies know best, so why are we fighting so hard to not listen to them?

Do you rely on a wearable device?

Although there may be a time or place to be monitored, especially if you need an EKG or to monitor blood sugar, but do we need to be told when to go to bed, to rise, to drink water, to exercise, to eat…etc? I think we have an app for everything these days.

The danger, as I see it, is that we are losing our ability to read our own inner computer, the ultimate wisdom. Our body, from the beginning of time, has been designed to heal itself.

All day you are receiving messages from your body; you’re tired, thirsty, hungry, anxious, or have great energy. What if we actually listened?

When you’re tired, you could benefit from a nap or from simply drinking water, but instead we drink caffeine.

Not only are we not listening to our inner messages, but we are almost speaking another language. When you are hungry you would feel it in your stomach, if you have a headache or are bored that is not hunger speaking, but yet you make a trip to the fridge.

A hundred years ago it was more common for people to die from contagious diseases, and while pharmaceuticals have decreased this number vastly, we may have taken it too far.

More people today die from lifestyle diseases than contagious diseases. Most of these diseases are caused from over-consumption.

It seems nowadays people are taking a pill for everything. Never has it been truer that too much of a good thing is actually not a good thing at all.

Between the medications, foods flavored with chemicals and the use of monitoring devices, we are losing touch with our inner wisdom. The body is a perfectly working human computer; it knows when to breath, swallow, digest, etc, without being told. Why do we believe it needs help from technology?

We begin to override our inner computers and instead walk around like sheep following the latest trend.

When was the last time you felt real joy? Even in your work?

In the same way that we ignore our inner signals of our health, we ignore our inner whispers leading to our purpose.

Do you punch a time clock everyday only to wait for Friday? What if you actually worked at a job that you loved? What if you felt such a deep sense of purpose that you looked forward to doing your work every day?

That is what my life looks like. I feel so blessed to be able to work in a field that helps people connect to their highest and best.

Slow down and listen to your inner guide, it may be better than any device you could buy.