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I love Lavender – fresh Lavender that is. Not the synthetic kind.

I grow it each year in my garden, mainly for the aroma, but I also love watching the round, chubby bees feeding on it too. It’s often found in Alfresco settings to keep the bees’ busy whilst you eat so they don’t pester your food. So a good option to have in the garden for many reasons.

A few years back whilst smelling the Lavender, in my garden, I got this sudden urge to pop it in my gin and tonic and wondered if the smell would become taste. It does. Beautifully. I recommend you trying it and see for yourself.

Since I’m not drinking  at the moment – as I’m on an intense transformation journey, which started with me looking at how to treat my perimenopause symptoms – and has now escalated into a mission of achieving something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to achieve – I started adding it to my non-alcohol drinks which is mainly filtered water, sparkling water or hot water. It’s so fragrant – and simply delicious no matter what you add it to.

The hot water brings out the full aroma in around 5 minutes – and the flowers will lose their color eventually. In sparkling or natural water the color remains and the fragrant is a tad milder as you’d expect. But the calming aspects of Lavender remain the same no matter how you use it.

Therefore if you struggle sleeping on an evening, especially with perimenopause/menopause symptoms, I’d highly recommend a cup of Lavender tea before bedtime. I would also recommend adding some natural flowers into a warm bath on an evening. The smell will be amazing and I’m sure so will the sleep ahead. If you don’t have a garden or don’t have Lavender in your garden, buy a pot plant from the garden centre and grow it with love and I promise you, it will replay you with the most delicious hot teas, natural waters, indulgence baths, and the most natural fragrance to have around the house.

How to make the tea.

For a pot of tea you need no more than 3 heads. Wash well and add to a tea pot and pour on the hot water, let it steep for 5 mins, to cool slightly and bring out the flavor. Enjoy.

Alternatively use one to two heads per cup or if you are stressed or needing a good night sleep. If you’re suffering from night sweats, tear up the lavender, pop in an ice cube tray, add water and freeze once frozen pop in your warm tea to cool down. Using hot water first allows for fragrance. Or add to water to take to bed for if you wake in the night.

Cold drinks (including Gin) add one or two heads.

Don’t throw out the Lavender after use – dry it out or keep in water and enjoy the scent around the house.

Other natural homemade teas, or to spruce up your water, you can try are:-

Cardamon Pods – flat of a knife, press on the pod until it pops. Cucumber – if it’s not organic, peel off the skin, or wash well in apple cider vinegar, rinse and use.

Mint – wash well first.

Rosemary – wash well first.

Thyme – wash well first.

Any fruit in hot water for tea is lovely – Apple, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, Watermelon…….

Mix it up until you find something you love.