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I really wish I could invite everyone to planet Simone. It’s a place of self indulgence, creativity, laughing, fairytales, crying, reliving memories, forgiving, being naughty, mischievousness, problem solving, dissecting my situations and sometimes a subconscious middle finger to life, but that’s not why I love it. I love it because it’s all mine and no one can take it away from me, or even get near it. It belongs to me, and what happens on planet Simone stays there until I return to it again.

I can return to planet Simone at anytime, but I have gone months without being there. On occasion I’ve found it hard to get on, and sometimes I spend a whole weekend on and off planet Simone.

If you haven’t worked it out yet, planet Simone is my head space. It’s my imagination, my fears, my passions and mostly my Rubik cube to my life. Having time to sit and let your mind drift and your imagination run wild, is a gift. And very underrated.

Because I’ve been using my own planet a lot of my life, it’s second nature to nip on and off. However if you feel you don’t have time to think then I’d suggest you probably need it the most. If you go to bed at night, shower in a morning then you have time to jump on your own planet. If you have a bubble bath or a glass of wine in your own company, then you have time to jump on your own planet. If you use social media, jump on a train for work or even eat your sandwich in the canteen on your own, then you have time to jump on your own planet. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. And once you have found what works for you. You’re sorted. Like a modern day meditation.

I’d never insult the 5,000 year old tradition of meditation by saying it’s the same. Traditional meditation is about detaching oneself of both physical and mental suffering. And breathing. Allowing the mind to think of nothing in the moment of meditation.

My version helps me so I don’t inflict physical or mental suffering on others. And all I do is think. And imagine. I play out scenarios in fun ways to solve my problems. It works for me.

Try it, when you go to bed this evening, setup your own planet. Close your eyes and see an empty space in your mind. Hear yourself walking into it. Clicking of your heels, flip flops or even some hob nail boots. It’s your space. Now design the area. If you need help, this is what I do… I sometimes see a large field on a summer’s day, full of the most amazing wild flowers. I can’t really see past the long green grass, as it’s just a blanket of green for miles and miles,  interwinding  with lilacs, reds and the odd yellow overgrown flowers. It always makes me smile. And some part of it reminds me of being a little girl, when summers lasted forever and flowers allowed you to pick them to take home. I always think this is a message. But never quite worked it out.

I won’t lay in the grass as if I did I couldn’t see the flowers, so I climb a tree, the tree’s bark is always warm from the sun. I manage to attach one foot to the trunk so I can elevate myself slightly to grab and pull myself up by a branch, that I eventually sit on. I sit there looking out onto the field. I always lean toward the trunk of the tree so I can feel the warmth and I dangle my legs as I’m sitting – I’m almost always barefoot. With that in my mind I just then let whatever comes into my head, happen. So how you start on your planet is by your design. Just let whatever happens, enter.

I’ve started in my field and I’ve ended in heels placing a karate leg kick on the butt of someone who has annoyed me. All sexy and very cool, and the whole place giving me a round of applause (that’s the self indulgent bit). But it’s my planet so it ends the way my mind wants it to end.

I’ve cried a lot on planet Simone too, the tears are probably more valuable then the karate kicks in heels. Your mind needs to play out what it needs to work out. But I have lots of fun with it too –

I’ve married loads of famous people, I’ve rescued puppies from a puppy farms and I’ve owned a beautiful glass house in Ibiza to the point I can even tell you where I keep all my things there. But all that, allows me to switch off. Sometimes that’s all we need to do.

Take time for yourself and switch off. It takes you away from reality.

When we are in a perimenopausal or menopausal frame of mind, we need to ground ourselves often, just to remember who we are. We can easily lose ourselves in stigma and brain fog. Living out your worries, dreams, passions and problems in your own headspace by imagination, fantasy, creating victories, or just giving yourself time to evaluate it all, will allow you to keep being you. Once you get used to this you can do it anywhere, five minutes (but 20 is better) is all you need to go somewhere else and return, just take all the time you need.

Things that will help – quietness of your mind,  soft music and closing your eyes – I’d get used to this first before you do it in a public place, without the music and quiet. But I can assure you I have done this on so many planes, airport terminals, trains and even in motorway stand stills. So the next time you’re in the shower, laying in bed, or on your facebook app, stop and spend five minutes creating your  – Planet ( please insert your name here).