Have You Ever Considered Keeping a Stress Journal? - 24Seven Wellness & Living

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How many times have you heard or said those words “I’m feeling a little stressed today?” It seems that feeling stressed has become part and parcel of everyday life for most of us these days. But actually feeling continually stressed can be harmful if left untreated.

Finding a proactive solution to your stress is key, maybe massage, meditation, exercise will work for you but many people have started to use a “Stress Journal.”

Before you stop reading and think “how have I got time for a stress journal and what will I write?” Wait and read on!

No-one is going to read this except you, it’s not about the quality of your writing, no-one is judging you, it’s just a pad that you keep close by where you can jot down your feelings. Funnily enough from these simple notes you can often identify patterns in your stress and this eventually gives you key information on how to reduce these feelings.

Writing feelings down is often far more affective than actually talking to someone as many of us have trouble verbalizing and vocalizing how we are feeling. The thought of it is enough to bring on the stress!

The actual moment that we feel stressed can very easily be attributed to the wrong cause. It is often something that happened before the actual thing that you think caused it. For instance, maybe every Tuesday you have a meeting with your boss and, more often than not this causes you stress but it is not always consistent. Making a note of your feelings when it does happen may lead you to discover the fact that the real cause of your stress is a certain co-worker who knows just how to rattle your cage has a desk situated on the way to your boss’s office, so it is actually them who is the culprit for your increased stressed levels and your boss is actually a “pussy cat!

Whilst dealing with stress is important, finding the cause for that stress is just as crucial. Once you sort through your journal, you may find that your stress is being caused by something you had never even thought of. Remember as with most things in life finding the cause is key to dealing with the solution.