For the past ten years, I have been teaching yoga, nutrition and mentoring students at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The principles we use for life balance are much more than just nutrition. What you do for a living, the people you surround yourself with, your faith and your exercise is what determines your health.

Sometimes people believe that they are destined to a particular health condition because of their genetic makeup. In my practice we say, “Genes load the gun but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

I love watching cooking classes. The problem is if you ate those recipes regularly you would either be heavy, unhealthy or worse yet, both.  In my cooking classes I teach how to cook to improve or maintain good health.

I think people like recipes because they are guides. It takes the confusion out of guessing different taste profiles. Health coaches, take the guess work out of healthy living, and help you create a plan. Sometimes we don’t even realize something isn’t working until we have a health struggle.

If you could follow a recipe for a healthy day, what would it look like?

Recipe for Life


•6 days Exercise

•6 days Eat clean (80/20 rule)

•7 days water – at least 64 oz. per day

•8 days Pray and/or meditate (ha!)

•Most days – Keep a social balance and spend time with those you love

•Most days – Love your work

•Cook with love, learn to love to cook or find someone who does

•Let ingredients rest before moving on


Use one large pot, enough to fill 24 hours.

1Start each day with a full glass of room temperature water. Add as needed throughout the day, 64 oz. is best.

2Add 30 minutes exercise into daily pot.

3Keep your food as simple as you can, eat food that is close to the ground. That means it is mostly plant based, not food that fell on the floor – ha!

4Find meaning in your work. Remember – we are a community; all jobs are important! We are all important – find joy in what you do. If it feels terrible, do not add to recipe – it will become toxic.

5Learn to say no, if you are too busy to cook it will not come out well. Keep it simple.

6Look for support. Ask for help. Do not go it alone. Build a support team. Ask a more experienced life chef to help you build your plate.

7Place pot in oven, test for doneness. You will know when you do not crumble to the slightest touch. You will feel firm but soft in the heart center.

8Let rest and then mindfully eat your wares.

Life is a journey, if you are not doing all the above things don’t judge yourself but don’t give up either. One day at a time, making choices that support a healthier body, mind and spirit. If you fall prey to old habits that don’t support your new lifestyle, shake it off and start, one day at a time, again.

Find people who are on the same path as you. Get a trainer, life coach, nutritionist, spiritual counselor, business coach, cooking instructor, or a really good group of friends. You get the point. See, in so many different ways we change each others lives.  People need support and sometimes JUST good old fashioned hand holding.

I think the key word is perseverance. Sometimes our biggest breakthrough is just around the corner. Don’t stop believing in yourself and your worth.

If life gets you down, remember who you are and why you were put on this planet. I believe we are meant to love each other. Always know you are a candle that will light many other flames. When you have a bad day, call me for a heart to heart consultation, or reach out to a friend. We are not islands. Embrace each other.

Ok, I have been on my soap box long enough. But, you get the point. Find your way, don’t give up and change when you need to.

God Bless your journey