Do you celebrate Christmas? More specifically, do you invest in a Christmas tree?  If so, do you ever consider what is more sustainable: a real or artificial tree?

The answer is not one or the other, but rather, neither.  Both have their drawbacks and impact on the environment.  What are some creative ways of celebrating that doesn’t involve having a tree?  Do you have any ideas to share?

If you are deciding to have a tree, the most obvious ramification of a natural tree is having to cut it down.  With over 30 million trees being produced strictly for Christmas decorations, each year, that can be considered a massive number of trees.  Also, the trees are used for a short period of time, and often, discarded.  But, if you do have a natural tree, you can recycle it into mulch.

In terms of an artificial tree, did you know that most are made using PVC? PVS is a plastic that is made using petroleum. The problem is that PVC is not renewable. They cause pollution through emissions and are not recyclable.  However, artificial trees can be reused. There are many creative ways to reuse an artificial tree.  What are some fun ways that you have seen?

Having a tree is a tradition that is synonymous with Christmas.  Finding a sustainable solution while keeping with the tradition may require some ingenuity and imagination.

Whatever you decide, and however you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate), may you and your family be safe, healthy, and joyous.