Keeping Your Favorite Sport Alive During Winter - 24Seven Wellness & Living

If, like me, your idea of being active involves doing something outdoors then you will no doubt be hating the winter months. Getting yourself motivated for a bike ride, a run or worse still, a swim when the temperatures are hovering in the 30s and 40s or it’s pouring down with rain takes a certain type of willpower!

Luckily these days it is possible to stay connected to your favorite activities during the depths of winter. Incredible technological advances in equipment and the array of public and private facilities have made participating in team sports and individual athletic endeavors attainable year-round.

Let’s just look at biking for instance, before all that was on offer was a stationary bike whilst you stared at a blank wall but the introduction of spin classes and new machines offering a wide variety of connectivity means you can literally race a virtual leg of the Tour de France if you so wish.

Treadmills have made similar advancements, enabling runners to literally re-create their favorite out door routes or challenge themselves to new ones based on actual routes from all around the world.

Rowing machines are also not being left behind in technological advancements to keep a keen rower engaged and similar classes such as spin but with rowers are also being offered.

Due to advancements in flooring, including artificial turf, outdoor team sports have been brought indoors with the added benefit of less wear and tear on the knees. Indoor sports facilities exist across the country with lessons and leagues for children and adults alike. You can find football, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, baseball and softball leagues everywhere during the winter months. In fact in very hot climates due to climate control  many players prefer to play indoors during the excessive heat of the summer months also.

No matter what sport you choose, ensure the facility you opt for is set up with the rules and markings you need, whether the markings are temporary or permanent. You may be surprised what activities you can find!