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Starting a new year is always so promising. Most of us set up a new calendar and have high hopes for our goals. Unfortunately, usually by February people start losing speed. You may even be noticing it already.

I noticed that for me my best days are the ones that are planned out. My weeks are way more productive when I have my calendar mapped out with critical appointments, classes and activities.

I hear a lot of mentors advising to list everything on your calendar as an appointment – I am the opposite. I try to keep my calendar really light as things always come up or someone needs to change their appointment. Plus, for most of my projects there is a lot of prep work that goes into it so I know it can get hairy. I always allow more time than I think it will actually take.

What does my calendar look like?…

For me, and what I advise, it to keep Monday mornings as office time to get organized for the week, confirm appointments, and send out my newsletter/blog, etc.

I stick with the BIG ROCK theory and treat important business building blocks with prime real estate blocks.

Clients are blocked together. Training classes, webinars and cooking classes are non-changeable appointments. I only place non-changeable appointments into time slots. The other projects are floating and can be moved around and don’t require any fixed time slot.

Friday is always blocked out for Follow-up and Finances.

The amazing thing to me is that people who look super organized still feel like they don’t have enough time. We live in a world of chaos and noise. Our minds are always trying to fog things out. The problem is with the overload you may occasionally fog out the wrong information and then miss something that was actually important to you. 

Mindfulness is key. Paying attention to the little choices we are faced with all day long. For the most part we aren’t even aware of how much each tiny choice affects us.

You need to plan. Now I’m not saying that everything you plan will work out. By planning and actually using your calendar you will have a greater chance to accomplish what you need and want.

For me, I wake up early and conquer a big rock that usually includes writing. I want to do this while my mind is fairly clear. I grab a bite to eat and then I exercise.  I like to get my work done and then use working out as my reward.

Everyone is different and I KNOW that most people do better if they workout first thing, but the important thing is that I do it, and that you do it too.

My Nana always used to say,

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

For me, I know I feel better when things are in order. As soon as the house gets messy, my calendar falls apart or I don’t do what I set out to do. I feel yucky.

Whether designing a business or keeping good health, it is the same. You need to see the end result, then work it backwards, keep it as simple and clutter free as possible and stay the course.