Most of us only see spices as a flavor enhancer but did you know that many spices hold powerful anti-inflammatory properties and could hold the key to disease prevention?

Below we list 7 healthy spices that you should be adding to your food or drinks as often as you can.


We recently posted an article on the wonderful health benefits of ginger and also posted a video about one of my favorite drinks when I have an upper respiratory infection that contains ginger. However, this powerful spice is so good it made our top seven! For centuries, ginger has been used as a natural way to remedy nausea but it is also very cleansing and is thought to even to contain some anti-cancer properties.


Open any recipe book and you are going to find the addition of garlic, and rightly so, not only does it add wonderful flavor but next time your are cooking add another clove as garlic contains some pretty impressive health benefits. The ability to regulate high blood pressure is one, it also has the ability to fight off germs. So next time you jump on a plane amp up the amount of garlic you eat a few days before, it may just save you from catching a cold.


Turmeric has certainly been hailed as one of the world’s superfoods at the moment and is probably one of the healthiest spices on the market. It is of course known for its anti-inflammatory properties; however, it has also been known for its ability to help fight depression, to act as an antiseptic and a cancer-fighting agent.


Cinnamon on oatmeal is just delicious and the great thing is, children seem to love it. As it is loved by so many you would think that cinnamon is just a flavor enhancer, however, it has a wonderful ability to help regulate blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is also another cleansing spice with anti-inflammatory properties to boot.


I have started to see Fenugreek used more commonly now in many vegetarian dishes I cook, however, it is still in its’ infancy as a commonly used spice, but next time you are cooking give it a try. Fenugreek has been known to assist those who have diabetes as well as improve digestion, and reduce inflammation.


If you like a bit of heat you will no doubt be a lover of Cayenne pepper. However, funnily enough this spice is, although spicy in nature, a great way to calm your digestion, it also improves circulation and is a great body cleanser.


Who doesn’t love the smell of Rosemary? Not only does it smell good it is commonly known in its’ ability to aid a healthy immune system but can also improve circulation and calm an upset stomach.

So go ahead, add more spices to your shopping cart and experiment with them in smoothies, oatmeal, soups, teas, cookies in fact add them as often as you can to all your recipes adding flavor and boosting your health all in one teaspoon!