Make This Valentine’s Day A Healthy One - 24Seven Wellness & Living

So Valentine’s Day is upon us and let’s face it, it does come a little too early in the year. We have just got over all the abundance associated with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and of course New Year’s Eve itself, and BANG here comes another day associated with lots of sugary treats!

Whilst the origins of Valentine’s Day were actually quite dark, this holiday has now become synonymous with an overabundance of candies, cupcakes, heart-shaped cookies, pastries and, of course, chocolate.  It is never easy keeping to a New Year’s Resolution that promised weight loss, healthier eating and of course regular exercise but to have this particular holiday arrive so soon into our good intentions, it puts a real spoke in the wheel.

So how can you get through Valentine’s Day with your good intentions still in tact?

Food is love

Besides all the chocolate, Valentine’s Day also means date night in your favorite restaurant eating your favorite high-calorific meal and dessert! So why not this year, instead of battling the intense crowds to enjoy an overpriced dinner at a restaurant, stay in this Valentine’s Day and cook a romantic, healthy dinner together? Enjoy the experience of cooking together and maybe splurge a little on a wonderful bottle of red organic red wine, which at least has healthy anti-oxidants.

Does it have to be chocolate?

There are so many gifts you can buy that mean just as much as a box of chocolates, a manicure/pedicure, massage, a fun workout class, facial or tickets to a show. If, however, you just can’t let the idea of chocolate go, get the best quality you can find and preferably the dark variety. Leave the large box on the shelf and purchase a smaller quantity that is presented in a divine little box or a little pot made of bone china that might be able to be used afterwards. This way, it can be consumed in one sitting and the box isn’t sitting around tempting your loved for days to come interfering with his or her resolve to give up the sweet stuff.

Sweat it out together!

A visit to the gym might not be the most intimate of scenarios but if you generally do not work out together it might be fun! You could always try a new activity together that would burn calories in the process, salsa dancing, a yoga partner workout or a hike with a zip line at the end of the journey. Couples massage is very popular these days so will be easy to find in your local area.

Can a sweet treat be healthy?

Not all sweet treats need to be unhealthy. Spending time to make your own presented in a hand wrapped gift box will mean more to your significant other than the shop brought variety. Healthy treats are in abundance, just search the internet and you are sure to find something that will appeal to your sweet tooth.

So whatever you choose to do, remember the most important thing about Valentine’s Day is showing someone you care. Giving a treat of health really does show how much you love them, so get creative and enjoy!