As a child, I used to love Pomegranates, I would quite happily sit in front of the tv with a little cocktail stick and pick out each seed individually.  Today it doesn’t take quite so long to get a fix of this antioxidant packed fruit. Whilst you can still buy the fruit whole, pomegranate juice is on every shelf in every supermarket and you can even find the seeds already extracted from the fruit in convenient little plastic cups in the fruit aisle.

Adding pomegranates to your diet is an important step in maintaining youthfulness due to the high antioxidant level, they may also help remove plaque from arteries and reduce your risk of heart disease.

So here are four reasons you should try a pomegranate blast today!

1. Well known researcher Dr. Dean Ornish studied what happened when patients with heart disease started consuming eight ounces of pomegranate juice a day. After three months, blood flow improved in those who drank the juice daily.

2. Ten patients with clogged arteries drank pomegranate juice for up to three years. The amount of plaque in their arteries decreased and their blood pressure numbers improved.

3. In another study, 13 men with high blood pressure drank five ounces of pomegranate juice. Six hours later, their blood pressure readings were reduced by 7 percent. They also showed signs of better arterial function. The study showed that blood pressure remained relatively low with daily pomegranate consumption.

4. Cholesterol was measured in 22 subjects who consumed pomegranate juice for eight weeks. After the testing period, results showed that cholesterol fell significantly.

Whilst the juice is obviously more convenient than the actual fruit be aware that the fruit does obviously contain more fiber than the juice variety.

So there you have it, my childhood was not mis-spent after all!