Have you heard of “zoodles?”  Have you tried them yet? Culinary trends constantly come and go but I have a feeling this one is here to stay. Not only are zoodles readily available in most supermarkets, are being used in most homes at least once a week but they have also crossed the boundary from a fad to being featured in many restaurants.

If you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, zoodles are spiralized vegetables that can replace noodles in pretty much most dishes. Typically they are made from zucchini (courgette) but other popular varieties include sweet potatoes, carrots and butternut squash.

Why are these vegetable noodles so popular?

A huge factor that has driven the zoodles movement is the fact that so many people have turned to a gluten free diet and many of us are continually looking how to reduce our intake of carbohydrates.  Not only does zoodles check those boxes but they are obviously so much lower in calories than pasta. For example, one cup of pasta may add any where from 200 to 300 calories, and that doesn’t include butter or oil, sauces and other additional add-ins. If you spiralize two medium zucchinis for a bowl of zoodles, you’re looking at 66 calories, which ultimately cuts your caloric intake in half! The other huge plus is the amount of fiber zoodles provide which aids with digestion and fills us up quicker.

Increased Vegetable Intake

Eating zoodles are a wonderful way to increase your overall vegetable intake and provide you with an abundant source of vitamins.  For instance, one medium-sized  zucchini has vitamins C, A, B6, riboflavin and potassium.  Not only are they a great substitute for our favorite pasta dishes but they also work equally well in stir-fries and chicken noodle soup. If you struggle getting your child to eat their vegetables this is a sneaky way to ensure they get their vegetable quota, they won’t even notice the difference!

If at first the consistency is not to your liking then you can always mix half with pasta to get you started. Whatever your preference, replacing noodles with zoodles is the smart way to go!