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All during the school year most parents are running around with their kids and just trying to keep up with their schedule.

What would we do without our beloved coffee?

I am not going to say that I don’t drink it, but I am mindful of its effect. They say it makes you smarter, hmm, “what was I saying?”

Before we know it, another school year will have passed and then our lazy days of summer will be here. Is there such a thing anymore?

Ever notice how the more technology we have the more exhausted we become. What was supposed to make life easier is only making us feel more frazzled.

How do we stay rooted in all this madness?

For one thing we don’t need more coffee or stimulants, what we need is the opposite. We need to practice mindfulness. Teaching yourself to tune into what you are doing, thinking, feeling and all that surrounds you. Then you may actually be able to remember what you did at the end of the day.

Take quiet time in the mornings to think about your day. If you don’t want to commit to traditional meditation try just taking a few minutes to let your body settle and your mind to quite.

Just as a lake is clear when the water is still, you can see the bottom, but once stirred you can no longer see anything, this is how your mind works.

Try to still the water by taking a few deep breaths and allow yourself to settle in silence.  You will be able to see things clearer with your heart and mind stilled, your intuitive sense heightens and you will feel clear and confident.

Practice mindfulness in what you eat and how you eat. Try being grateful for your food, chewing slowly and thoroughly, sitting in a calm atmosphere and allowing yourself the pleasure of enjoying what you eat.

Concentrate on eating whole foods, stay away from processed foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine (there’s that coffee again), sugar, and of coarse alcohol and tobacco. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and drink plenty of water.

Cooking for yourself you have control over the ingredients as opposed to eating out, stay mindful of freshness while keeping ingredients organic to eliminate adding toxins to your body.

Developing a good exercise routine is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself. If you haven’t already tried yoga do so. It is the only form of exercise that massages your internal organs, works your body and helps to calm your mind all at the same time. How’s that for a time saver?

Whatever you do as we approach the summer season make it feel good, keeping most meals clean and healthy but always allow for the occasional splurge. Life is best when lived fully.