Could You Be Throwing Away the Most Tasty and Healthiest Part of A Salmon Filet? - 24Seven Wellness & Living

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How many of you cook salmon with the skin on but eat only the flesh?  You may think again about throwing that skin away after reading this.

We know that salmon is good for us but did you know that the skin isn’t just there to make cooking this delicious and healthy fish easier by holding the meat together when you lift it out of the pan?

Salmon skin is actually delicious and loaded to the gills with healthy fatty acids. While farmed salmon may contain unhealthy levels of PCBs, the skin on wild salmon is something you should definitely not be throwing in the trash.

Good for Your Brain
Salmon skin is abundant in Omega-3’s. Omega-3’s are fatty acids that offer a plentiful supply of health benefits, from easing the effects of depression to helping infant brain development to improving eyesight and warding off dementia and heart disease. Salmon’s fat is to be found in the layer just below the skin, therefore when you cook a filet with the skin on, it soaks up more of this healthy fat. Salmon skin is also rich in many B vitamins, which offer a host of benefits, including mood stabilization and stimulation of blood flow to the brain.

Healthy Skin

Salmon skin is amazing for our skin as well. It is saturated in connective tissue, with one-third collagen by weight. The Omega-3’s and B vitamins are not only good for your brain but they also help regulate your metabolism. The Niacin found in the skin makes it easier for the skin to maintain its moisture which leaves it smoother and addresses any imbalances. Those Omega-3’s are at it again as they contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce outbreaks of acne.

Muscles and bones 

The skin of salmon is 50 percent protein, which forms the building blocks of bones, cartilage, and muscles. Its vitamin D levels help regulate calcium absorption, which is great for bones and teeth, and salmon’s rich potassium reserves provide stamina for extended workouts.

It tastes good!

I know the skin doesn’t look too appetizing does it? However, if you render out the fat while you cook the fish you will end up with a really crispy skin that, believe it or not, tastes like bacon!