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These days we are continually being encouraged to cook with whole foods. So as you browse through the tasty recipes you can find literally everywhere these days you will notice that there seems to be a pretty consistent factor, no matter what you are cooking and that is the addition of herbs. Whilst dried herbs are great and easy to store there is nothing like adding flair and flavor to a culinary dish like fresh picked herbs straight from your garden. 

Simple ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper are transformed with the addition of a few freshly picked basil leaves. Olive oil and fresh rosemary tossed with potatoes and then roasted elevate this dish from the ordinary to the divine. In fact you will find that by adding fresh herbs to your recipes you will feel less inclined to add as much salt to bring out the flavor. But how do you grow them successfully?

Starting out with the basic kitchen herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage parsley, oregano, basil and mint is recommended and you will be pleased to know that herbs in general are relatively easy to grow in any climate.

Herb Planting Tips

  • Herbs are full-sun plants that like good drainage. 
  • Plant them in average soil with organic matter such as compost added to improve drainage and soil nutrients. Herbs literally hate having wet feet. 
  • Avoid areas where water stands or where there may be a heavy runoff like under a gutter. 
  • Ensure the area you select gets approximately six hours of sun each day in fact a raised bed is ideal. 
  • Once herbs are established in the landscape they will require little or no watering.
  • Herbs also fair well in containers as you don’t need to worry about watering then on a daily basis.
  • Plant herbs among your vegetables if you are growing them as they can act as natural insect repellants.
  • Trim rosemary and sage after flowering to keep plants compact and encourage a flush of tender new leaves. Clip the tips of bay shoots to maintain a tidy, bushy form.
  • In fact pick a spot in our garden that gets the most sun and go for it!

Get Growing

So don’t just dream about having your own fresh herbs, plant them now! Even if you don’t have a garden plot you can definitely find space for a container or two.  Even the container doesn’t have to be fancy, a discarded yoghurt pot will do as long as they are placed in a lovely sunny spot your herbs will be happy to take up residence and you can enjoy the benefits all summer long!