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Hands up who loves their Mom? Of course we all do and, whilst we know we should be showing appreciation for her every day, Mother’s Day itself just reminds us that little bit more forcefully by ensuring we show her how much we care and love her on one special day.  Of course there are the usual cliché gifts like candies, flowers, plants, chocolates, champagne and wine. Generally speaking, all of the aforementioned are great Mother’s Day gift ideas but wouldn’t it be nice this year to think a little more outside of the box and thrill her with something that might have a positive impact on her health? Here’s a few ideas that might be worth your consideration.

Fitness Tracker

Thanks to advancements in technology, fitness trackers are available at many price points, styles, colors and capabilities. Unless you Mom is a seasoned marathon runner (in which case she will probably have one already) a basic version should suffice. I am sure most of us who have some sort of wearable fitness tracker can attest that it actually does make you mindful of your daily activity levels and with research pointing to regular low intensity activity for the aging population to help prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many other ailments then it is the perfect gift of love.

A Grocery or Prepared Meal Subscription

As we are all aware fresh produce is essential to our overall health and wellbeing and getting wholesome nutrients on a daily basis is certainly vital as we age. Luckily, thanks to convenient grocery subscriptions and prepared meal plans, you can ensure your Mom is getting everything she needs and getting it delivered straight to her doorstep. If your mother is on her own and struggles to make the effort to cook for one why not look into a fully prepared meal service. There are so many great ones on offer these days who use organic, fresh produce to cook really healthy, balanced, portion controlled and, most importantly, tasty meals that just need heating up.

Spa Day

A gift of a massage, facial, or pedicure, in fact anything that helps your Mom reduce her overall stress is an incredibly thoughtful gift to give. We often don’t relate stress and Mom’s together but just because she might not have young children to run around after all day, a job to hold down, stress comes in many guises. Anyone who is suffering from excessive stress, whether it stems from personal or professional issues, can lead to a host of health concerns, from loss of sleep and appetite to serious anxiety and depression. Stress can have a major toll on physical health, too. Therefore, a day or just one treatment at your Mom’s local spa might be just the thing to give her some well needed TLC and relaxation.

A Course or Subscription to Her Favorite Hobby

Remember you Mom did have a life before you! What did you ever see her do that she loved?  Whatever it was see if there are local classes offering her favorite hobby. Giving her the gift of reigniting her passions with a class or series of classes, again shows you care and have taken notice of who she is as a human being.

The Healthiest Gift of All

You! Time spent with your Mom will be precious to her, so going out for a lunch, the movies or shopping will often be enough. Mind you, if you add you into the equation of any of the above mentioned gifts, i.e. going to the spa together, giving her the fitness tracker but going on a wonderful scenic walk together, attending those classes or cooking with her will take the gift to a new level. 

Show your mom how much you love her by staying active with her as nothing shows that you care like a gift that can improve her health and wellbeing!