How to Survive the Holiday's in Your Skinniest Jeans - 24Seven Wellness & Living

It happens every year about this time, the days get shorter, the air gets nippier, the shops get busier – and our jeans get tighter.
We maintain our workouts and all our healthy eating habits for ten months and then BAM! After October 31st it’s a free-for-all. It starts with the Halloween candy to the pumpkin pie and cream, the eggnog and all those endless rounds of buffets and the alcohol that often goes hand in hand with such holiday gatherings. No wonder come New Years, we will all be heading desperately back to the gyms and slimming clubs only to start the whole cycle again ready for the next holiday Season.

Well, how about this year you don’t just enjoy the season. Wouldn’t you like to be able to wear the same size clothes comfortably on January 1st that you were wearing before that first Halloween party that kicked off the eight weeks of festivities?
All it takes is a little planning, a little willpower and the 24Seven Wellness “Guide to Surviving the Holidays in your Skinniest Jeans.” 
EAT BEFORE YOU LEAVE – Sounds crazy I know, but an empty stomach is an invitation to binge. If you have taken the edge off your hunger, you will be less likely to indulge in the bread basket, dip or tortilla chips before the entrée has even arrived.
DON’T DRINK YOUR CALORIES – Champagne, wine, cocktails, spiked eggnog are incredibly high in calories and light on nutrients. So you get all of the bad stuff and none of the good. The more you drink, the more you eat; it’s a vicious circle. So make every other drink a cool glass of calorie-free water or drink spritzers half wine, half soda water.
FILL UP ON HEALTHY FARE FIRST – If you are off to a party and you know there is going to be a buffet, attack the fresh fruits and vegetable platters first.  Fruit and vegetables are abundant in fiber, which will make you feel full faster.
ENJOY SMALLER PORTIONS – When you are faced with all the good (meaning bad) things, it is so difficult not to be tempted.  So instead of missing out on all those wonderful things you dream of having all year, have them, but only have a very small portion of each.  This way you won’t feel deprived, and your waistline will thank you for it.   
BEWARE GRAVY, DIPS AND SAUCES – Oh, they look so harmless, but one tablespoon of gravy made from turkey drippings can contain up to seventy calories.  That can also be said for those creamy dips, salad dressings and cheesy sauces.  One dip and your healthy carrot stick turns into a calorific nightmare.  Try and stick to salsas made with fresh herbs and tomatoes to dip your chip.
DON’T SET YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE – With all the extra demands you’ll be facing, keeping to your normal workout schedule will be difficult.  It’s easy to get frustrated when your expectations are not in line with reality. When it just isn’t possible to fit in your regular routines it can lead to the tendency to not bother at all.  Therefore, make a schedule that you can achieve, this way, you won’t beat yourself up when parties and shopping have to take priority. Make your workouts time-efficient with super sets, circuit training and integrated total body exercises.  A maintenance program will keep you in good shape until you have more time on your hands.
Ok, you are now ready to party.  So instead of leaving your skinniest jeans in the closet this holiday season, why don’t the two of you go out and enjoy the festivities together?