So when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve did you launch yourself into 2019 with gusto? Did you proclaim all sorts of wonderful New Year’s resolutions? Was one of those resolutions to get fit in 2019?

So how’s that going?

Are you one of the  77% of adults who stayed on their resolution track for one whole week?!

So why is maintaining resolutions so difficult? 

There are a few basic reasons why we never get past the first week. One being that we set goals that are very vague or we have incredibly unrealistic expectations such as losing 25 pounds in a month. 

Attitudes are easy to change but behavior is not. So how do we make a new behavior permanent?

Make changes that can be easily managed 

People often underestimate the power of small lifestyle changes such as parking your car further away from the store or office, taking the stairs, not holding the banister when walking up a flight of stairs, not using the arm rests when getting up from or sitting in a chair. Instead we opt for “I’m going to hit the treadmill for 1 hour every day.”  Not going to happen I’m afraid. However, the smaller changes are achievable, manageable and will make a difference long term if they are adopted day in day out.

What’s you why?

Do you want to drop a size in clothes? Gain more energy? Improve self-confidence? Resolve some health issues? Defining and knowing your why will motivate your to stay on track. The writing down of your “why” is the first step to success.

You can say “no”

Missing a night out with friends is not going to break your relationship. Choose to meet them for activities rather than a night out at a restaurant or visiting bars. In fact spending time with friends in a team activity can ultimately bond and improve relationships.

Cleanse your Pantry

Just throw anything that is high in sugar, processed or high in fat OUT! If it’s not easily accessible then when the craving kicks in you won’t have it to fall back on. Restock with with healthy options like carrots, hummus, avocados, raw nuts and seasonal fruits. Make healthy soups so you can easily heat something up when you need to eat quickly. Keep healthy foods easily visible but still remember too many calories even from the good stuff are calories.

Enjoy your workout

So many people choose an activity that they hate and then wonder why they dread doing it.  Fitness has to become part of your permanent lifestyle so you simply have to find something you enjoy. Your challenge is to find that “thing” or “things” that either make you feel relaxed, that get out aggression, make you sweat profusely. For instance, walking or swimming can often relieve stress however it doesn’t make it less of a workout then a visit to the gym. If you enjoy something more up tempo the boxing ring might be your thing. A spin class will bring on the sweat. Whatever it is, you have to love how it makes you feel. It simply is the only way you will start coming back for more!Don’t beat yourself up

Nobody is perfect. You are going to have slips. You have to know that just because you ate one piece of chocolate, the whole day is not ruined. Just because you missed one workout the whole week is a write off. 

Stay determined, remember your why and get back on track.