Let’s be honest eating healthy really isn’t that hard these days.  There is an abundant amount of information and recipes available to us and even more healthy choices on the shelves at our local supermarkets. 

So why is obesity still an epidemic in the US, UK and many countries?

Convenience is one of the huge contributing factors to why we choose to be in the line at the drive-thru, or why we pick up the phone and order in pizza. It’s just easier than running to the supermarket, buying fresh whole foods and cooking yourself a healthy and nutritious meal.  After all if we are honest healthy recipes are tasty and enjoyable to eat leaving you satisfied and energized. Compare that to the bloated and lethargic feeling of having eaten half a pizza and a bowl of ice-cream, then I rest my case.  The comparison after consuming two such meals speak for themselves.

The trouble is when you are tired and exhausted from a busy or stressful situation or day our overwhelming desire is to do absolutely nothing. This is where convenience is our biggest enemy. So even though we know fast food is not going to make us feel good or add to our long term health and wellness plan we still do it, because it is just easier.

So why not combat that desire for something quick and easy with meal preps.  There are so many things you can do to prepare exactly for those moments when ease and convenience is what you are seeking.

Here are some great tips:

When you are making one of your favorite healthy meals, make double and freeze the other half.

Make a large batch of nutritious soup and freeze into individual portions.

Keep healthy snacks only in the house like nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Hummus is always a good standby when the munchies creep in as are raw cacao protein balls.

With summer fast approaching I will be returning to one of my favorite meal preps; smoothie cubes!

Smoothie Cubes

Smoothie cubes are a blended mixture of smoothie ingredients with minimal liquid that are frozen in ice cube trays. Simply add the additional liquid when it’s time to blend or thaw the cubes.  They are so easy to prepare in advance and are an incredibly healthy snack that you can have on hand at any moment.

Smoothies can be a great breakfast alternative when you are running late, an energizing pre or post gym snack. If you want a lighter lunch or need something quickly to stave off those hunger pangs whilst you cook something healthier rather than ordering a Chinese take out, then they fit the bill completely. They also make an ideal in-between meal snack. If you are heading out on a long hike, placing 5 or 6 cubes in a water bottle will mean that you will have a nutritious smoothie to cool you down on or at the end of your journey.

So how do you do it? 

Simply make a batch of your favorite smoothies. I like to mix and match with both fruit and veggie packed smoothies. Blend your ingredients as normal and then pour into ice cube trays. Freeze the cubes for at least 4 hours until solid. Remove the cubes from the trays and seal in freezer-safe plastic bags that you have labeled with the ingredients and date.  When you are ready to enjoy, place approximately 5 or 6 cubes into a blender with whatever liquid you prefer and blend. Delicious!