There is no doubt that sitting has become the next smoking as far as the serious health issues it is causing most of us.

In fact I would actually say that 95% of the patients I work with who are suffering with back pain, have back pain as a result of postural issues associated with prolonged sitting.

So what are you supposed to do?  It is not as if many of us can change our jobs so that we don’t have to sit. It literally has become an occupational hazard with serious health consequences!

In fact when I read the statistics associated with back pain it always blows my mind when I get to the one that states ‘80% of us will suffer with back pain at least once in our lifetime!’

80%! That’s 8 out of 10 people! Can you believe that?

Furthermore, out of that 80%, 65/70% of people will have to endure back pain returning again and again. Which means it is something that we habitually repeat over and over that is the causing the pain.

Even more staggering is the fact that only 5% of back pain sufferers need surgery. The rest of us stumble around in the dark trying therapy after therapy, pain relief medication after another only to alleviate the symptoms temporarily for it to return with vengeance a few weeks or months later.

So what is the cause of so much pain?

Short tight muscles!  

You see when muscles become short and tight (and prolonged sitting is one of the causes) they draw our bones closer together resulting in poor range of movement, poor functionality, stiffness, pain and discomfort.

When you understand the cause you can easily find the solution. This is why I have been extremely successful treating back pain sufferers with my results based flexibility program.

There are a few key muscles that cause back pain.  Wouldn’t you love to know which one is causing your pain?

Whether it be lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain or sciatica they can all be addressed by 3 simple stretches. As a bonus you may even find relief from headaches, poor energy levels and TMJ dysfunction.

So if you sit for prolonged periods, and that doesn’t just mean someone who sits behind a desk in an office or at home. That also means people who drive for a living, airline pilots, even mother’s collecting their children from school may be forced to sit in the car for a good hour or so. Don’t believe that it is only affecting the older generation either, our children are literally sitting hunched over a computer screen for hours on end at the moment!

I am offering you today a solution to your back pain with my new online training program that delves into the various types of back pain prolonged sitting is causing.

I explain the muscles that are being compromised when you sit and give you a step by step program to follow so you can take control of your back pain and ensure prolonged sitting will not ruin your life.

No matter what you fitness level or how inflexible you are, this program is for you.

I show you various levels of each stretch, so even the most inflexible person can gain results!

Past surgery’s, injuries or joint immobility are also addressed so many different positions are offered.

You are also given a long term solution and a quick fix that you can do easily during your work day. 

I can honestly say that this program delivers results and could potentially change your life!

So if you sit for prolonged periods of time and back pain interferes with every day movements and even stops you getting a good night’s sleep then please click on the link below to find out more.

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