Considering the current situation how many of you have thought about, have or are about to take up a running routine?

Well, before you dash out the door maybe these few tips might help the whole process run (excuse the pun!) a little smoother.

Start Out Slow

If you have never run before, this is good advice – start slow! 

Trying to run a four minute mile or a half marathon on your first outing is going to mean this will be your first and last trip out the door.  In fact, you don’t even need to run every day to begin with. I would suggest you start with two tor three days a week with a healthy gap in-between the run days. Keep the mileage low and the pace slow as you start to find out your comfort levels. The standard rule for building up mileage is to increase by no more than 10% each week.

There is no shame in walking a part of your run. Alternating between walking and running is actually a great way to build up endurance but ensure you walk at a decent pace maintaining form.

This is also a good way to start over if you are returning to running after an injury or you have taken a sabbatical for a while. 


Try and purchase a good pair of shoes, running in an old beat up pair with no support could potentially cause injuries down the road. 

Schedule the time you will run.  Allocating time in your daily calendar will mean the day will not slip away before you have even tied the shoelaces on your new running shoes. Pick the time of day that suits your body.  Some of us respond to exercise better at different times of day.  Obviously, heat or cold is a factor to consider.  Too cold and you risk injuring yourself if you have not properly warmed up, whilst too hot and you run the risk of fatigue or dehydration.

Celebrate the Victories

Setting yourself small goals every two to three weeks will keep you on track. Ensure you celebrate when you hit those goals though, let’s face it a new running outfit will never go amiss!  Don’t be too hard on yourself either. If you think you don’t look like a typical runner, take a good look around, you have a body that is designed for movement and you want to run, so you are a runner!